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Meet your stylist

Andy Bradford-Peat

Darren Bradford-Peat

Professional Modern Barber and principal gents stylist

Business Director

Creative Director

Advanced Level Stylist/Colour Technician and principal ladies stylist

As a Barber of many years; I have extensive Knowledge and experience in mens grooming and styling techniques from simple scissor cuts to more intricate clipper work and precision blade work. I enjoy every aspect of my job and the variety of work I do seems endless.

Having such a varied clientele enables me to indulge my skills in both traditional styling and the latest trends. I like to keep up to date with new products and services via social media and the internet so that when a client describes something they have seen or would like an updated look I can advise accordingly.


However, when it comes to being a great Barber, there's much more to the role than meets the eye. Over the years spent behind the chair you become a great listener, a confidant, a trusted advisor and counselor, all of which I find an honour.  

For me, being a stylist is not just my profession, it's also a passion. With passion comes creativity and vision; without passion comes routine; ordinary or standard. 

After 18 years behind the chair the passion still remains; the want for discovering something new is always there; and, as the challenges never cease to present themselves, it's important to keep my skills and knowledge up to date.

One of the best parts of my job is the interaction I have with my clients and the relationship that builds. I guess that's why we do it; we make a difference to every client everyday.

For someone to sit in your chair, trusting you to make a change with their appearance, no matter how small or large the change may be, is a great feeling.

It's what makes the chapped hands, snipped fingers and long hours worth it; to see that person step out of the salon looking great and feeling confident.

Member of the British Master Barber Alliance

Member of the British Barbers Association

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