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What our clients say.....

"Around 8 years ago my mobile stylist retired so I started trying different hair salons in the area. As soon as I entered Euphoria Hair design, I have never looked back!!! Darren & Andy provide a high quality service in a stylish salon, without high town prices and the nightmare of parking. They are always professional but are very welcoming and family friendly (my son loves em!). I have always had fantastic results due to Darren's help and advice on style and colour. He is always on trend and is always enthusiastic to try the next new trend. I would highly recommend this salon". 

                                                                                                                            Mrs S Walton  Doncaster

"Around 2 years ago a very close friend recommended Euphoria Hair Design as the salon I was looking for. I was unsure at the time if this was the right place for me as my situation and needs were quite unique. I have two young boys with Autism, and along with many other issues they face in life, having their hair cut or even touched has always been such a traumatic and upsetting experience. The smells in the salon, the noises, the number of other customers, the manner in which they are spoken to, all make such a difference. Potentially turning a trivial haircut into a deep rooted traumatic memory. I explained all my worries and anxieties to Darren, but in hindsight, they really were for nothing.  In all honesty, Darren could not make mine or either of my sons experience any more enjoyable or relaxing if he tried, the patience and time he spends talking to the boys is incredible to see. Darren not only accommodates us with appointments at quiet times but also unknowingly with his warmth and care. Not only is he a pleasure to be around, his skill and vision with hair is amazing. My children used to fear talking to others, but both boys have grown in confidence so much in the last 2 years, they now look forward to attending Euphoria to catch up with Darren. We value Darren and Euphoria as a part of our lives and hope this continues for many years to come".

                                                                                                                          Mrs J Dunn    Doncaster

"Unbelievably its nearly 8 years since Andy first brought style to my hair and its a pleasure visiting him and Darren every 4 weeks to keep things tidy. Having my hair cut by Andy is just an excuse to catch up with a mate now. Euphoria is a fantastic salon run by two top blokes, its always a laugh when I go but the hair styling is fantastic too".

                                                                                                                                 Mr N Donald  Doncaster

"I highly recommend Euphoria for individual attention and the best quality and service in hair design. Truly professional from a simple cut to a complete restyle. Being a client since 2007 every appointment has been welcomed with the up-most hospitality".

                                                                                                                          Mrs D Meredith    Doncaster                          

"I've been coming to Euphoria for around 9 years now and I haven't gone anywhere else since! I'm not the easiest of customers as I change my hairstyle regularly, but Andy is always happy to accept the challenge and I have never left the shop disappointed. Andy and Darren aren't just fantastic at their professions, but are also brilliant guys who make everyone feel welcome. They have both become good friends of mine and I would recommend anybody looking for a good stylist to go to Euphoria, whether a man, woman or child you will not leave unsatisfied, that's a guarantee!". 

                                                                                                                        Mr J Radcliffe    Doncaster               

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